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Stretch and Meditate

Stretch and Meditate

These classes include a meditation or have long holds in poses to help reach that state of meditation

Stretch and Meditate
  • Chakra Seed Sounds

    In today's class we work with the Chakras - the meditation focuses on using the seed sound for each chakra

  • Mindfulness Meditation

    Learn to meditate or strengthen your meditation with this mindfulness practice.

  • Inner resource

    Today we discover and spend time in our inner resource

  • Stretch and Meditate

    In today's practice we open the heart and move into a Metta (loving kindness) practice.

  • Svadhyaha or Self-enquiry.

    In this Stretch and Meditate class with Liama we explore Svadhyaha (self-enquiry). If you have a journal bring it with you to your mat.

  • Mindfulness

    In our stretch and meditate we focus on mindfulness. Training the mind to focus where we want it to focus.

  • Chakra Meditation

    This stretch and meditate practice with Liama is a chakra practice followed by a chakra meditation.

  • Process of Meditation

    In this stretch and meditate class with Liama we explore the process of meditation with the stages of relaxation, concentration and expansion.

  • Dyana; a state of deep concentration

    In today's stretch and meditate class we focus on Dyana; a state of deep concentration. Where we can be in stillness with few or no thoughts. It is a state of being.

  • Dharana or deep concentration

    In Today's stretch and meditate practice we focus on the concept of Dharana or deep concentration.

  • Meet Your Guide

    In today's stretch and meditate class Liama leads you through a visualisation to meet one of your spiritual guides.